Lifelong Student of Dance

Aimee Rose Zawitz is a proud native San Franciscan and a lifelong passionate dancer. She believes life is a dance and no matter what you are doing you can alway employ the mentality of a dancer: strength, grace, creativity, and energy.

She specializes in Jamaican Dancehall, Indian Bhangra and Bollywood, Brazilian Samba, Haitian Folklore, and has dabbled in Cuban Salsa and folkloric dance.

Aimee currently teaches youth and adults all around the Bay Area, her weekly schedule can be found here

Aimee's performance group, The QuintEssentials: The Tightest Crew in the Bay, has opened for Reggae and Dancehall artists such as Christopher Martin, Alborosie, and Cham. She has also choreographed or contributed choreography to artist videos such as Macka Diamond, Zanni, Easi Money, Los Rakas, MC Rai, and Bayonics.

 Aimee is also a dancer and stilter for D.A.M. Daring Arts Movement, a performance artist collective. As well as a dancer for Joti Singh's Duniya Dance & Drum Company SF, Kiss Kiss' On Fire Gyals Kingston, JA, and Queen Latesha Promotion Kingston, JA. She has performed all over the Bay Area and Jamaica - most noteworthy, Sumfest 2016 w/Joe Bogdonovich 

In the past, Aimee has danced with Valerie Watson's Alafia Dance Ensemble, Djenane St. Juste's Afoutayi, Temistocles Bentancourt's Grupo Nago Experimental, Susana Arena Pedroso's Dance Company, Katy Barnhill Rous' World Dance Fusion, Tanilee Amor's Amor Do Samba, and was a featured dancer with the band Alta California.


Photographer: Stephen Texeira