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Dancehall dancer:

Kyle Kadeem Shaw aka Killerbean of the Sopreme Blazza'z is 25 years old and a prolific creative mind. Everytime I visit Jamaica, with every class I take, Killerbean always impresses me with a completely new set of dance moves of his and his crews creation. Each step is versatile and diverse; some are great grooves, some are badman (gangster/shooting), some are Africanesque, some are easy, some are complex, and all are unique. Killerbean and his boys are working hard and certainly should be celebrated for their work. Check out Killerbean on IG, FB, and Youtube.

[This interview was transcribed from voice notes]

1. When did you first start going to the dancehall? How old were you? What was that like? What did you see? If it's been years since your first party, what is it like in comparison to that first time?

From 2002 I am dancing. 2009 dancehall change, 2010 dancehall change, and new generations change dancehall a different flow. So dancehall is different now in 2017. Back then, dancehall was very authentic dancehall, ya know, lot of vibes, lotta cool all over. Now for me dancehall change a lot. There is no excitement again like one time in the streets.

2. Who is your favorite dancehall artist? Why?

My all time favorite artist is voicemail and still my favorite. The reason why is because they make dancers start seeing, get to know dances, and they are one of the foundation of dancehall, ya? Who sing about dancehall to the people, know that dancehall really exist. Also they put dancehall on the map.

3. What is your favorite DH step? Who created it? Why do you like it? Can you describe it?

My favorite dancehall step is Tek Weh Yuhself by Ova Mars dancers. Why because it make me feel alive. I can express my feelings with that dance. I can put my passion and love in that dance and how I feel, and it can explain and talk through my body.

4. Which DH steps have you created?

The dancehall that created by me name Step Alive and why because in life step towards what you want, toward your goal, to always push it forward. No matter anybody say, always stepping forward to what we want to achieve.

5. What inspires you as a dancer?

Well dancehall music, we have the environment. Jamaican dancers, dance doing dancehall. So that inspire me more, to push us toward my goal.

6. Who is your favorite dancer other than yourself and why?

My favorite dancer is Blazer Frass aka Fabian Shaw. Why? Because he push me forward towards my goals. He always believe in me when nobody don't so he is always going to be my top dancer.

7. What do you think about the international DH following?

I really have nothing bad to say about international dancers. All I want to say keep on pushing doing what you doing because you are supporting Jamaican dancehall and you love it more than our government and most people in Jamaica. Ya? But always remember that you come to Jamaica, you still learning, you still a student, you have to come outta the dancehall, to know real about dancehall. No matter how much time you guys come here to learn about dancehall, you still learning, you don't reach the master degrees yet, you don't reach dat, nothing yet. Because we teachers here in Jamaica is still learning about our own culture as well.

8. Do you have any insights or advice for other/future dancers?

My advice other dancers, learn your culture, know about your culture. Where your culture is coming from. Ya? If you don't know, where you coming from, you don't know nothing about dancehall. You just getting up and dance, don't mean you know about dancehall. Please study, and do research, haffi know where dancing from. Dancing is not something dancers just get up and dancing is from your heart. So that's my opinion to other dancers. Please learn about your culture. 

I agree with Killerbean, we should always come from a place of passion, love, and have respect for the people and roots of the culture it came from. 

Check out Killerbean of Sopreme Blazza'z on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook.



Killerbean of Sopreme Blazza'z

Killerbean of Sopreme Blazza'z