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Killerbean - Sopreme Blazza'z

Kyle Kadeem Shaw aka Killerbean of the Sopreme Blazza'z is 25 years old and a prolific creative mind. Everytime I visit Jamaica, with every class I take, Killerbean always impresses me with a completely new set of dance moves of his and his crews creation. Each step is versatile and diverse; some are great grooves, some are badman (gangster/shooting), some are Africanesque, some are easy, some are complex, and all are unique. 

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JA2DBAY: Interviews and Insights with the Dancehall Dancers

Welcome to JA2DBAY (pronounced JA-2-D-BAY)

I love Jamaica, I love Dancehall & Reggae music, I love the Dancehall dances and the dancers who created them. I love their their moves, grooves, and all their style!!

In order to fully understand the dancehall and it's dancers, you have to go to Jamaica and pretty much be born there, but I'm hoping here, in this blog, you will meet dancehall dancers and artists from all over Jamaica who will share their stories, dance moves, music, and more. My hope is to give them a voice and us an insight into one of the coolest places on Earth, the dancehall.

Happy Exploring